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Offering medical formulations that cater to all segments of the population and treat all common ailments has been the biggest challenge since our inception. But our teams of professionals have lived up to the challenge and have exceeded the expectations of our customers

It is the acumen of our business managers that made the Company grow from a company selling 2-3 OTC drugs to now 20 drugs in just three years and built up an eclectic clientele comprising of multi-billion dollar entities. This has been made possible by deploying effective sales strategies and backing them with superior logistic capabilities

Our operating philosophy is simple

We endeavor to provide the best quality products at the affordable prices without any delay.It has helped us to emerge as a force to reckon within the pharmaceutical packaging and distribution industry.

By innovating continuously and using advanced technology, we have been able to deliver superior quality products at affordable price and that has helped us to capture both mindshare and market share in the territories we operate. These initiatives have helped us to garner enormous brand equity and earn the good will of both our internal and external stakeholders.

Strong partnerships for sustainable growth

We believe in forging strong partnerships with both customers and vendors and every business transaction that we undertake is measured through the prism of honesty, integrity and ethics. Any idea that even smells unethical is rejected at the outset. And anyone who has observed our business from close quarters will testify that this ethical behavior has seeped into the DNA of our enterprise.

After establishing a strong footprint in the OTC drugs space, the next frontier that beckons is the prescription drug products that are a rewarding growth opportunity. Through this initiative we plan to supply new generation products to our customers that have been formulated by leveraging the latest discoveries being made in the field of medicine.

In the near future, we plan to build a strong product portfolio to cater to the needs of our esteemed customers and support these initiatives by creating new assets and investments that will drive the growth of the enterprise in the next decade.

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